Great Orion Nebula


I took this image using my Meade 2120 (10" SCT) telescope and afocal eyepiece projection using the Nikon Coolpix 995 camera. The image is a stack of 25 images (ISO-100, F/2.6, 8mm (=38mm for 35mm camera), 8s exposure time). I first removed a darkframe from the 25 images and then used the Rot'n Stack software to stack the 25 (darkframe-removed) images. Rot'n Stack generates several images. This is the image labeled as "Mean". The next image is the image labeled as "Sort". I don't exactly understand what the difference is and how Rot'n Stack generates these images. But they are both very interesting. So I decided to upload both of them. Taken 04/11/2010.

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