Here are some experiments I conducted with astrophotography. I am still learning. My equipment increased over time:

A 10x50 binocular

A Meade 60EQ-A equatorial refracting telescope

A 4.5 inch Newtonian

A Meade ETX-80 Backpack edition

A Meade 2120 (10" SCT) old but powerful

A Fujifilm Finepix 4700 digital camera (I had it already before I got interested in astronomy) . I did my first experiments with this camera. It is not well suited for astrophotography because it only allows for up to 3s exposure time.

A Panasonic DMC-TZ1 camera that I specifically purchased for astrophotography because it allows for up to 1 min exposure time.

A Nikon Coolpix 995 that I purchased specifically for afocal astrophotography.

My newest camera is a used Canon 300D. I purchased this camera from eBay because it can be converted to accept Minolta MD/MC Rokkor lenses. I had many Minolta Rokkor lenses from my young adulthood days when I used a Minolta XD7 film camera. This digital SLR camera is amazing. See the newer images.

I purchased a new telescope mount (Vixen Great Polaris clone). It come without motors. Thus, I purchased some add on motors that allow to track in RA direction for astrophotography. It is a nice and sturdy mount.

milkywayinthenortherncross_small.jpg milkywayinscutum_small.jpg ringnebulam57_small.jpg milkywayatsokumridgeparkiasagittarius_small.jpg
milkywayatsokumridgeparkiacygnus_small.jpg milkywayatsokumridgeparkialagoonnebula_small.jpg delphinusatsokumridgeparkia_small.jpg thelagoonandtrifidnebulae_small.jpg
m6andm7openclusters_small.jpg thecoathangerbrocchiscluster_small.jpg andromedagalaxym312_small.jpg milkyway_small.jpg
thedumbbellnebulam27_small.jpg andromedagalaxym313_small.jpg andromedagalaxym314_small.jpg comet103phartley_small.jpg
comet103phartleyinperseus_small.jpg greatglobularclusterm13_small.jpg mooninprimefocus_small.jpg doubleclusterinperseusngc884andngc869_small.jpg
pleiades3_small.jpg triangulumgalaxym33_small.jpg andromedagalaxym315_small.jpg milkywayincygnus_small.jpg
skyaroundsagitta_small.jpg pleiadeswithdmctz1_small.jpg greatorionnebulawithpointandshootcamera_small.jpg orionbeltandsword_small.jpg
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