Milky Way in Sagittarius


I met Murf at one of the Iowa City Astronomy Club observing sessions. Today (July 18, 2015), he called me and asked if we go out for an observing session. This was a great opportunity to test the barn door tracker that I constructed some time ago. So Murf and I met at Sockum Ridge Park for an astrophotography session. I mounted the barn door tracker on a stationary tripod and attached my Canon 350D with the standard zoom lens that came with it and pointed the lens towards the southern sky. I took 3 light frames at 18mm focal length (equivalent to 28mm for a 35mm camera) at f/5.6 with exposure times of 3 min each. I also took 4 dark frames with the same exposure time of 3 min each. ISO 1600. Stacked using Nebulosity Ver. 2. The barn door tracker worked quite well. Virtually no streaking is visible. Saturn is on the right side of the image. There was a lot of lightning going on at the horizon. Taken on July 18, 2015.

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