Orion Constellation


Today, I thought I might fool around with my old Fuji Finepix 4700 snapshot camera. This camera has a "night scenery" mode that allows for up to 3s exposure time. However, the sensitivity is automatically set to ISO 200 and cannot be changed. In the manual mode, this camera allows ISO 800, but it only does 1/25s exposure time in manual mode. So I used the "night scenery" mode. This is a stack of 15 images at ISO 200 and 3s exposure time each (total exposure time 45s). After the 15th image, the camera shut down with empty battery. Probably because it was very cold outside (~5 F). Focal length was 8mm (36mm equivalent on 35mm camera), aperture was f/2.8. No dark frames taken. Processed in Nebulosity. The constellation came out nicely. Amazing with such a simple camera. Taken on 2015-01-04.

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