Orion Nebula with CHDK


I purchased a cheap Canon point and shoot camera (Canon Powershot A560) and fooled around with the CHDK firmware. The camera was mounted on a very simple equatorial mount with a small RA-drive attached. Polare alignment was not done properly (stars are not perfectly round). This image was taken using ISO 1600, exposure time 60 seconds, f 5.5, focal length 23.2mm (140mm on 35mm camera). I took 54 light frames and 15 dark frames. Unfortunatly, the RAW mode was not activated so the images were taken as JPGs. I processed the images in Nebulosity Ver. 2. The Orion nebula (M42) is clearly visible and a touch of NGC 2024 next to the star Alnitak is also present. Next time I make sure the RAW mode is active !!! Taken on Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

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