Star Trails


Tonight (July 20, 2015), I played again with the Canon Powershot A560, a small snapshot camera. This camera can be programmed using a CHDK software. There is a script for CHDK called meteor2.lua that allows to take multiple images and automatically takes dark frames. In front of our house, I pointed the camera towards Polaris. Using the meteor2.lua script, I took 16 dark frames and 127 light frames. Exposure was 60 s, f/2.6, focal length 35mm (equivalent on 35 mm camera), ISO 1600. During one image the neighbor came home and the frontlights of his car lit up the bushes and house, which made a nice image to overlay on top of the star trails. The stars in this image are visible as pinpoints on top of the star trails. Interestingly, Polaris is streaked, consistent with the notion that Polaris is not exactly at the celestrial pole. Amazing what can be done with such a small little camera.

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