BP Simulator: BPSIM



  • Generates an analog (0V to 5V) output of a blood pressure signal from a rat.
  • Designed to evaluate, test, and learn the WinAD data acquisition software using a real hemodynamic signal. E.g., you can learn how to derive heart rate from the blood pressure signal on-line, while recording.
  • Features a calibration mode that generates output signals equivalent to 130 mmHg and 75 mmHg. The calibration mode can be used to calibrate the blood pressure signal.
  • Connects to the ADUSB4CH AD-converter via RCA cable.
  • Power supply from a 9V block battery that fits into the tin box. Power on is indicated by a LED.

BPSIM, generates rat BP signal
Blood pressure simulator: Generates a rat blood pressure signal.


RCA Cable, 6 feet long
RCA Cable
Connects BPSIM to ADUSB4CH.