Implantable Nerve Stimulators

RNS (rat implant)
nerve stimulator for rats

MNS (mouse implant)
Mouse nerve stimulator

RNS and MNS are implantable nerve stimulators for chronic nerve stimulation in conscious unrestraint rats and mice, respectively. The bodies of the modules are designed to be implanted subcutaneously. Besides the battery, the modules contain a microprocessor that will be programmed individually depending on the application of the investigator. Continuous or scheduled (e.g, 10 s stimulation every 10 min) stimulation protocols can be programmed.

Download the Nerve Stimulator Manual


  • Stimulation voltage: 3.0 V or 6.0 V (rat stimulator only)
  • Stimulation frequency: customized (e.g., 5 Hz)
  • Multiple stimulation frequencies can be programmed into the module. Switching between stimulation frequencies is possible with an external magnet.
  • A radio frequency transmitter sends a signal that indicates the setting of the stimulator (stimulation frequency) every 75 seconds and on change of the setting. The radio frequency signal can be received with a standard AM radio.
  • Pulse Width: customized (e.g., 1 ms)
  • Can be turned on and off with an external magnet.
  • Electrode wire: multi-stranded, stainless steel
  • Batter life: ca. 6 months for RNS, ca 1 month for MNS
  • Weight: ca. 4.6 g for RNS, ca 1.2 g for MNS

Nerve Stimulator Manual

RNS (Nerve Stimulator for Rats)rat nerve stimulatorChronically implantable nerve stimulator for rats.
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MNS (Nerve Stimulator for Mice)Nerve stimulator for miceChronically implantable nerve stimulator for mice.
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