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AD-converters for WinAD

Implantable Nerve Stimulators


Electronic Rat (BP emulator)

  • BPSIM (generates a rat blood pressure signal)


ADUSB4CH, 4 channel AD-converter
AD-converter: 4 Channels, 12-bit resolution, USB connection. $145.00

Blood Pressure Amplifier

Blood Pressure Amplifier
BP Amplifier: 1 Channel, 12-bit AD-converter, USB connection.

EKG, connects to ADUSB4CHEKG
EKG for animal use only. Not for human use. $125.00

BPSIM, generates rat BP signal

Blood pressure simulator: Generates a rat blood pressure signal. Also supports calibration of the blood pressure signal.

Implantable Nerve Stimulators
rat nerve stimulator
Implantable nerve stimulator for rats. $950.00
Mouse Nerve Stimulator
Implantable nerve stimulator for mice. $1,450.00