Telemetry with DSI on a budget

Data Sciences International (DSI) has developed a radio-telemetry system for recording of arterial blood pressure, biopotential, body core temperature, activity, and other parameters. DSI has established itself as the market leader in telemetric recording of physiologic parameters. The full DSI recording system including the necessary hardware and recording software requires a considerable financial investment. However, using the free WinAD data acquisition software, that is part of the HemoLab software, provides an option for a relatively inexpensive "entry-level" telemetry system.

Telemetry on a budget

The general setup is shown on the figure above. The following hardware is needed:

  • DSI RPC1 or RMC1: These are the receiver plates that connected to the R11CPA.
  • DSI R11CPA: The R11CPA unit provides a calibrated pressure analog voltage output via a BNC connector that can be fed directly into an AD-converter.
  • DSI APR-1: This unit measures barometric pressure and can be used to adjust the output of the R11CPA for changes in barometric pressure. This device is optional. If the APR-1 is not used, the R11CPA assumes an atmospheric pressure of 750 mmHg.
  • ADUSB4CH: 4-channel AD-converter with 2000 Hz sampling rate per channel and 12-bit resolution. Connects via USB port. Input voltage range 0V to 5V.
  • WinAD: Data acquisition software. This software is part of the free HemoLab software.


  • Minimal BP telemetry system.
  • Total costs without implants ~$2,000.
  • Works with PA-C10,
    PA-C40, PA-D70 implants.
  • Requires only the receiver plate, the R11CPA, and an AD-converter, such as the ADUSB4CH.
  • Uses the freely available WinAD data acquisition software that is part of the HemoLab software.