Cardiovascular Research

The experience of over 30 years of conducting cardiovascular research accumulated into the HemoLab software that takes the hassle out of data acquisition and data analysis.

Laboratory Setup

The HemoLab software provides a complete hemodynamic recording and data analysis system for cardiovascular research laboratories at a very low cost.

Customized Experimental Setup

Customizing experimental setups for unique or non-standard experiments is also possible. For example, recently a HemoLab module was developed that synchronizes an image capturing system with the R-waves of online ECG recordings for in-vivo vascular imaging during specific phases of the cardiac cycle.

Individual Training

Individual training in collecting and analyzing cardiovascular research data using the HemoLab software is possible at your own laboratory.

Analysis Techniques

  • Time-domain HR variability (HRV)
  • Frequency-domain HR and BP variability
  • Baroreceptor reflex function (e.g., sequence technique)
  • Transfer function analysis
  • Cardiac function (dP/dtmax, LV-EDP)
  • Pulse Wave Velocity and Augmentation Index
  • Non-linear techniques