Analyzer - Data Analysis SoftwareAnalyzer

Supported File Formats:
  • MAD-format: This is the binary data format used by the WinAD data acquisition software included with the HemoLab software.
  • TSA-format: This is the binary data format mostly used with the HemoLab software. It can be written by the Analyzer software and is also used by the Batch Processor module of the HemoLab software.
  • ASC-format: This is a text or ASCII format. The channels are arranged in columns separated by tabulator (TAB) signs.
  • DSI-format: That's the data format used by Data Sciences International (DSI) with their Dataquest A.R.T software.
  • DSI-Ponemah format: Data Sciences International (DSI) moved to a new software called Ponemah. Analyzer can read Ponemah waveform (*.PnmWav) files. See the HemoLab Manual to find out how to subtract the atmospheric pressure from the pressure waveforms.
  • LabChart-format: That's the data format used by ADInstruments for their PowerLab data acquisition system. ADInstruments graciously provided me with a software developer kit (SDK) that allowed me to implement an import filter for ADInstruments LabChart files. Unfortunately, the SDK is currently only available in a 32-bit Windows version. Therefore, the 64-bit version of the HemoLab software does not support LabChart files.
  • WinDaq-format: That's the data format used by DATAQ Instruments with their WinDaq line of software. I highly recommend looking into their line of low-cost AD-converters (DI-145 and DI-149) that are compatible with the WinAD data acquisition software included with HemoLab.
  • EndoPAT-format: This format is used by the EndoPAT device sold by a company called Itamar Medical. The device claims that it can measure vascular endothelial function based on finger plethysmograms. The waveforms of the finger plethysmograms are stored in files with the extension "*.S32". Analyzer can directly read these files.
  • MouseOx Plus-format: This format is used by the MouseOx Plus system from STARR Life Sciences Corp. The MouseOx Plus system allows for non-invasive heart rate recording in rats and mice using a pulse oxymetry technique.

Implemented data analysis functions:
  • Baroreflex Analysis (sequence technique)
  • Pulse Wave Analysis (pulse wave velocity, left ventricular perfusion index)
  • Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
  • Joint Symbolic Dynamics
  • And many others.



Data analysis software specifically designed for analysis of hemodynamic data files, such as telemetric blood pressure recordings, autonomic nerve activity recordings, peripheral blood flow recordings, etc.

The Analyzer software is used worldwide and has been published in many research articles, including articles published in Nature Medicine.

Check out the chapter on Analyzer in the HemoLab Manual for the many functions available in the Analyzer software.