WinAD - Data AcquisitionWinAD

Low-cost AD-converters that connect to USB port:
Other AD-converters supported:
  • AtCor SphygmoCor MM3 (via serial port or USB to Serial Adapter)
  • ANT+ Garmin Heart Rate Monitor
  • Dummy driver (simulates an AD-converter)
  • Gameport driver (requires special hardware adapter)
  • Soundcard driver (connects directly to the soundcard)

  • Up to 8 analog channels (depending on AD-converter)
  • Up to 2,000 Hz sampling rate per channel
    (with ADUSB4CH)

  • Online calculation of derived channels (e.g., heart rate).
  • Entering comments.
  • Easy channel calibration.
  • Stimulator module.
  • Trigger module.
  • PID Regulator module.
  • Telemetry module (experimental).
  • Setup files.


WinAD is a low-cost data acquisition software specifically designed for hemodynamic recordings. The software is totally free. A low-cost AD-converter is the ADUSB4CH.

See the chapter on WinAD in the HemoLab Manual for all the powerful functions and options of the WinAD Data Acquisition Software.