HemoLab Software

The HemoLab software is a complete hemodynamic recording and analysis system that even contains a basic statistical analysis program. The use of the included Batch Processor makes analysis of large number of data files very efficient. The HemoLab software consists of:

  • WinAD: Data Aquisition Software
  • Analyzer: Data Analysis Software
  • Batch Processor: Analyzing mulitple data files at once
  • WinStat: Statistics Software
  • Imager: Interactive analysis of images (and movies)
  • FastPicTeX: Preprocessor for PiCTeX. PiCTeX is a package for LaTeX designed for typesetting graphical material with LaTeX. The newest version of WinStat can write FastPicTeX files.


Free Downloads

HemoLab Ver. 24.9 (11/26/2023)
32-bit Windows
64-bit Windows

Sample Data

Lecture Notes


HemoLab Manual

WinStat Manual

FastPicTeX Manual


Analyzer can now read ECGs from the Pusebit EX device.

Analyzer can now directly read PhysioNet Waveforms from teh PhysioNet Server.

Added some EKG analysis to the Analyzer module. Analyzer can now extract the RR-, PQ-, QT-, and QTc-interval from human EKGs.

WinAD now supports AtCor SphygmoCor MM3 devices via serial port or USB to serial adapters.

Improved import filters for DSI-Ponemah files and ADInstruments LabChart files.

Analyzer can now read DSI-Ponemah files.

Analyzer can now read MouseOx Plus text files.

The TSA file format now supports comments.

ADInstruments LabChart files are now also supported in the 64bit version of HemoLab.

WinAD include an ANT+ driver for Garmin Heart Rate Monitors.

Analyzer can now read ADInstruments LabChart files