HemoLab Seminars

Depending on demand, HemoLab Seminars will be organized in Iowa City, IA. Please e-mail me if you are interested in attending an upcoming HemoLab Seminar.

HemoLab Seminars can also be organized at your own Institution. Please e-mail me if you want me to travel to your institution to present a HemoLab Seminar.

Individual Training Sessions

Individual Training Sessions can be organized in Iowa City, IA or at your own laboratory. In these training sessions data analyis of existing data will be discussed to ensure proper analytical techniques. Please e-mail me if you want to schedule an individual training session.

Data Analysis

Please e-mail me if you rather want me to analyze your data.

Customized Software Development

Specific customized experimental requirements can be implemented as add-on modules for the HemoLab software or sometimes as electronic devices. For example recently, an add-on module was implemented that uses the online recorded BP waveform (WinAD) to generate an external trigger signal that operates the shutter of a digital camera capturing in vivo images of arteries. This setup allows measuring arterial compliance.

Costs for Services

The costs for the various services will be negotiated individually.


Past HemoLab Seminars