My first attempts with NIR photography. I am using a modified Samsung Digimax 800k camera. Yes, not even one megapixel, just 800,000 pixels. I opened the camera und placed two layers of a black negative film strip under the glass that covers the lens of the camera. The Digimax 800k has no or not a very effective IR filter in front of the CCD sensor. Thus, NIR photography is quite easy with this modified camera. I used a tripod for all these images.

The images were taken during a small hiking trip at the Coralville Reservoir (Linder Point) in Coralville, Iowa.

I also have one image taken in Chicago, IL.

Then three images from the Rocky Mountains Star Stare (RMSS) in 2010. These images were taken with a IR modified Nikon Coolpix 995 camera.

Then there are a few images from a hiking trip to Kent Park in Tiffin, IA on Thanksgiving 2011.

coralville01_small.jpg coralville02_small.jpg coralville03_small.jpg coralville04_small.jpg
coralville05_small.jpg coralville06_small.jpg coralville07_small.jpg coralville08_small.jpg
coralville09_small.jpg coralville10_small.jpg coralville11_small.jpg coralville12_small.jpg
coralville13_small.jpg coralville14_small.jpg coralville15_small.jpg coralville16_small.jpg
coralville17_small.jpg chicago_small.jpg rmss_2010_01_small.jpg rmss_2010_02_small.jpg
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