Great Orion Nebula


I purchased a used Nikon Coolpix 995 and a projection eyepiece that screws directly into the filter thread of the lens of the Coolpix 995. Here is my first attempt of afocal photography with this new equipment. I pointed my Meade 2120 (10" SCT) to the Orion nebula (M 42) and took 12 photographs (f/4.6, ISO-100, 8s exposure time, 27mm=128mm equivalent on 35mm camera). Unfortunately, the images were not perfectly in focus. I assume the camera was not focused to infinity because the image throught the projection eyepiece was crisp and well focused. Anyway, I subtracted a darkframe from the 12 photographs and lined them up with the Rot'n Stack software. Here is my first afocal image. The Orion Nebula. Taken 04/10/2010.

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