M97 (Owl Nebula) and galaxy M108


I came home from work and the sky was very clear. So I decided to try to take an image of the Owl Nebula in the constellation Ursa Major. I used the Canon 300D piggy back mounted on the small 4.5" reflector telescope (mounted on a motor driven mount). This is a stack of 27 images (30s exposure, ISO 1600). I used the Minolta Rokkor f2.8/135mm lens. Two dark frames subtracted in DeepSkyImager. Gradient removed in PixInsight LE, some touchup in Nebulosity. The owl nebula (M97 or NGC 3587) formed 6,000 years ago. The galaxy M108 (NGC 3556) is 45 million light years distant and only has a brightness of magnitude 10. Taken on April 4, 2011.

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