M81 and M82


Today, May 21, 2011, I went out to Sokum Ridge Park (the observing site of the Iowa Astronomy Club) and took some images. The sky was pretty dark and clear at about 9:30PM. However, in some distance (maybe above Muscatine, IA) there were lightnings from thunderstorms. At about 11:00PM the clouds and storm arrived at the park and I took off. Here is an image of M81 and M82. These are two very pretty galaxies in the constellation Ursa Major. In M81 some hints of spiral arms are visible and M82 really likes a little bit like a cigar (aka cigar galaxy). I used the Canon 300D with the Minolta Rokkor 200mm/f3.5 piggy back on my motorized GP-like mount.The camera was riding on a small 4.25 inch reflector. This is a stack of 15 images (ISO 1600, 30s exposure time). Processed using the Iris software.

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