Whirlpool Galaxy M51, NGC5195


This image was taken at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Star Stare (RMSS) in Gardner, CO. At this star party the sky is really dark and clear. Thus, it is a wonderful site to take images. This image was taken piggyback using a 200mm/f3.5 Minolta MC lens on a Canon 300D camera. The camera was mounted on the Meade 2120 SCT telescope (used for the motor drive). Stack of 10 exposures, ISO 1600, 30s, 102s, 93s, 95s, 80s, 121s, 55s, 119s, 102s, 132s exposure times (total exposure time: 15min 29s). Stacked using the free IRIS software. Edited (mainly curves applied) using Nebulosity. Despite the same camera, lens, and total exposure time, compared to the image of the same object taken in Sokum Ridge Park, IA (April 30, 2011), this image is much better, possibly due to the darker observing site.

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