Andromeda Galaxy M31


Also taken at the observing session of the Iowa City Astronomy club on 10-30-2010 in Kent Park by Tiffin, IA. I used the Canon 300D piggy back on the Meade 2120 (mounted on an equatorial motor drive mount) with a Minolta MC Rokkor 135mm/f2.8 lens. 10 exposures, ISO 800, 30s, stacked using the program Nebulosity v2.3.0. I think this is the best shot of the Andromeda Galaxy that I ever took so far. This galaxy is roughly 2 million light years away. At Kent Park I was able to see the Andromeda Galaxy with my naked eyes. The Kent Park is not as dark as the Sokum Ridge Park where the Astronomy Club meets in summer, but still Kent Park is reasonable dark.

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