Milky Way in Scutum


Milky Way in the constellation Scutum (the shield). Taken at the 2010 RMSS (June 9, 2010). Taken with the Nikon Coolpix 995 (converted for near infrared) mounted on the Meade 2120 telescope that was mounted on an tracking equatorial wedge. Exposure: stack of 3 images: F3.0, f8.2mm (38mm equivalent on 35mm camera), ISO 100, 60s exposure time for each of the 3 images. One 60s darkframe subtracted from all 3 images, stacked with Rot'n Stack, normalized in XnView. There is clearly some camera noise in the image (green dots). Thus, the 60s exposure time was probably too long for this camera. But nevertheless, I really like this photograph.

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